Calvin et Hobbes! Je t’aime! Found the best way to practice French!

Shitty Reviews

Like everyone when I need to make a decision I turn to the Internet. Tonight the decision was should I check out Republic or Bastille for some tasty dinner on a Sunday night. I searched the internets for reviews and found the one below.

Don’t waste your time! Nothing to see except an obelisk and another market on certain days. A shame the Parisiens have so little on display here to commemorate what was probably the most significant event in the history of the French Revolution. Bitterly disappointing!

Not sure what this dude was expecting? A hourly reenactment of the French revaluation? Streets paved in blood? A wax museum? Firstly that obelisk is pretty cool….and when had it become bad to have a market?

Another awesomely jerky review on the ruins in Saint Remy.

Maybe I’m jaded from viewing ruins in Greece, Italy and Sicily but there just wasn’t much to see.

Oh really not much to see? Jesus! I didn’t realize that one could get over seeing ruins….

Hotel De Ville….not a hotel

Arty stuff!

Jesus stuff

Current State: Stoked!

Even though my vacation is winding down and I need to face reality of not being independently wealthy world traveler I am feeling pretty stoked. Today I wondered around Paris by myself and explored. I walked into a church and I have to say I am 100% behind how quite it was….there are not many places like um….I am not going to convert or anything but there is a sense of awe when you sit and take a look at what belief builds.

Then I checked out the crowded oldie times street of Le Marias. I really wanted to stay in this area and felt a little bummed that I didn’t get to but today’s walk was awesome. Found a tiny Statue of Liberty and the Centre Pompidou as well as The Hotel De Ville. I was a little bummed that the hotel de Ville is not a real hotel…but rather the central administration building WTF?!

Weird but tasty chocolate ice cream egg filled with raspberry sorbet (so it is good for you). Sigh…..

Back in Paris

It feels like coming home I love it so much here. Staying in a cool place by Place de la Nation just steps away from the Metro. TV reception sucks so I am sort of bummed cause I like watching French shows and American shows dubbed in French….the show House being the best. I feel the character of House makes more sense in French.

Me and my red shoes on the Seine

Me and my red shoes on the Seine

Current State: Full

So I have been eating my face off in France! I had concerns given my dietary restrictions….gluten free, dairy free and soy free….ugggg. Anyway upon arrival I immediately ate a plate of meat and some if the best cheese I have ever had. I eat bread daily and have not had a lot of digestive blow back. The best food I had was at a cafe on my third day in Paris it was thin slices of chorizo sausage on top of seared scallops with creamy polenta. Last night I ate the hell out of oysters followed by stewed lamb cooked with Provençal olives that was so tender I had a hard time keeping it on my fork. Lunch at my travel companions brothers house was lamb over potatoes with a plate off cheese and a fruit crumble! Tonight was rabbit served over polenta and I had this crazy dessert sample with a tart some dreamy chocolate thing and a Carmel cream puff thing. The food in Saint Remy has been out of this world…tres absurd! Silly good.